Discovering Zeitz Mocaa: One of the largest museums in Africa

The richness of Africa in the field of art is no longer in question. Indeed, in every corner of the continent there are several great art museums. But the Zeitz Mocaa Museum seems to have a remarkable lead over its competitors. You may wonder where this famous museum is located and what makes it one of the most visited in Africa. Find out the answers to these questions in the following article.

Introduction to the Zeitz Mocaa Art Museum

Also known as MOMA of Africa, the Zeitz Mocaa (this name was given to this museum by Jochen Zeitz, a director of modern African art) is an art museum located in South Africa in the City of Cape Town. This area of South Africa is one of the busiest in the country. The Zeitz Mocaa is a giant construction that occupies an area of 9500 km2 and an exhibition area of 6000 m2 spread over 9 floors. With its undeniable works and breathtaking architecture, it occupies an important place in the world's art sector. Since 2017 when it opened its doors, this contemporary Cape Town museum has exhibited nothing but African objects and works. The ceiling of its main hall was built from ancient cylinders that once were the recipient of wheat.

The speciality of the Zeitz Mocaa Museum

Designated a few years ago as the most famous museum of modern art in Africa, the Zeitz Macaa has done much to move the world of contemporary art. It is a house that symbolises the evolution of African civilisation. The first speciality of this museum is that only artists from the continent who value the cultural heritage of the latter has the privilege of exhibiting their works in this museum. It also aims to make the young artistic talents of the African continent known to the world. It is thanks to this task that the museum fully assumes that it is considered the home of the African meridian, ahead of cities like Dakar and Lagos. This beautiful place in Africa opens its doors to all tourists from all over the world who come to see the artistic wealth of Africa.